Seaweed and Thyroid Boosters

Many seaweeds contain iodine (not to mention many other powerful nutrients), and iodine deficiency can be a major cause. About 11 million people in United States are estimated to have hypothyroid. And many of these cases are due to iodine deficiency and they don’t know it. Even worse is the fact that hypothyroidism goes misdiagnosed or undiagnosed in many, many cases.

This essential mineral allows your thyroid to produce the hormones it needs to keep your metabolism high and your body functioning well. Iodine is in salt, but most salt that we get is from manufactured food which does not contain the iodine with it. Sea weeds however, are probably the best source for iodine as they grow in the salty ocean water. But seaweeds will do you more than just giving iodine, they contain nutrients that are known to help detoxify your bodies. That will help you no matter what health problems you have as it will allow your body to begin to heal itself better. This especially comes into play when the cause of the hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is a common cause. It is a retardation of the immune system that causes it to attack your thyroid gland and inhibit it’s production. Clearing out the toxins allows the immune system to become restored to properly function more. The top iodine sea weeds include:

Kelp, or rockweed, is probably the most popular choice because it contains more than 60 minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. These all can improve your overall health and thyroid functions. Kelp was also the natural prescription that was used historically to treat hypothyroidism.

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